A journey thru my experiences with trying to restore vintage Tandberg hifi equipment. Hopefully it can be useful for other vintage audio fans.
The equipment from the golden era of hifi deserves to live on. I am convinced of it’s superb quality. Specially Tandberg, which this humble place is about.

There is something about these machines that modern equipment can’t give you. The sound and feel of real buttons a knobs that go “click”. The solid feel of everything. The wooden panels. The fact that they can still be used with any contemporary sound source. When whatever streaming or music player stuff you are using today are out of fashion tomorrow and some new standard has replaced it – you can still use these fantastic, timeless receivers.
And of course, the sound – that warm, sparkly sound that classic Tandberg gear delivers.

This place is now organized so that there are no posts in a typical blog-style. I have made separate pages for the different projects. You see links to the right (or below if you’re on a mobile).

TR-200 restoration and hifi bargain of the year! See under Customer Projects.