This is a journey in learning how to restore vintage Tandberg hifi equipment (and some other brands). Hopefully it can be useful for other fans of vintage audio and Tandbergistas. The equipment from the golden era of hifi deserves to live on!

Vintage hifi has something that modern equipment lack – the sound and feel of real buttons and knobs, the wood panels, the solid feel of everything. No touchpanels! No updates or reboots needed! The fact that they can still be used with any contemporary sound source – when whatever streaming or music player stuff you are using today are out of fashion tomorrow – you can still use these fantastic, timeless receivers.
And of course, the sound – the musical, generous, lush, sparkling sound of classic Tandberg gear.

This place is quite technical. If you’re not interested in the inside of vintage audio gear you may be bored, but there are still a few words of gear reviews within, which you might find interesting. In the future I may try to increase the non-technical content.

New article!The history of Tandberg.
The founder Vebjörn Tandberg and his company is a truly unique story. If you own a piece of Tandberg hifi gear and you don’t know the background of the company, you will love your gear even more when you learn the remarkable story of the genious and passion of Tandberg, as well as their dedication to quality and innovation.

Content is organized so that there are no posts in a typical blog-style. I have made separate pages for the different projects. You see links to the right or below.

Photo from the TR-1040 restoration.

Guide to the content on this site in order of posting.

Huldra 8 (the heirloom)
Restoring for a friend of a friend. Family heirloom brought back to life. Tandbergista rediscovers the H8!

Tandberg Hifi System 4 speakers
Treasures from 1958 restored with modern Seas fullrange drivers!

Huldra 7 nr 2
Can you use a stereo tube radio from 1962 as a modern amp? Yes!

Rant on modern audio and a fun quiz!
Angry rant on contemporary, expensive high end audio.

Huldra 7 restoration.
Tubes/valves. Tandbergs last tube receiver, from about 1963. Tandbergistas first tube project!

Tandbergistas own, mint condition 2025 which had some peculiar problems.

TR-2080 part 1 and 2.
A looong restoration of the biggest receiver Tandberg made. TR-2080, the gentle giant.

TR-1000 Magnum Opus
A totally wrecked TR-1000 receiver was brought to life, to high-end superstatus.

Huldra 9
1960’ies tube hybrid receiver restored. The gentle, wonderful, Germanium powered Huldra 9.

Huldra 8
Beautiful tube hybrid radio/receiver restored, Tandbergs first (Germanium) transistorized receiver.

The case of the oscillating TR-200
Tandbergistas own, treasured little receiver needed loving care.

Audiophile class vintage sound, the TR-1040 restoration. A superstar among receivers.

A project I’d rather forget. Cassette decks aren’t for the faint of heart.

Tandberg/Thorens TD166 turntable
A turntable with a reputation for high performance brought back to glory.

Huldra 10 nr 2
Maybe most popular model in Scandinavia among Tandbergistas. Restored with high expectations.

Huldra 10 nr 1
A short and boring post, my first, of a lovely Huldra 10. One of Tandbergistas first Tandberg receivers.

Under Projects for others you will find some work I did for others, Tandberg and other brands.
This is just a hobby for me, I don’t run a repair shop. Also, I am an amateur and try to learn as I go.

You may have comments about the contents here, feel free to message me (contact page).

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TR-200 restoration and hifi bargain of the year! See under Customer Projects.

Good news!
The international Tandberg forum has just opened. I and other Tandbergistas have called for an English language site for Tandberg fans from all over the world. I often get questions here from Tandbergistas all over the world, not only in Scandinavia. Now you can meet me there (under the alias Tandbergista) and other likeminded.
Do check it out and register. At the time of writing (february 2021) the forum has just been opened and there is not much there yet, but let’s make it the place for international Tandbergistas.